Sunday, 13 November 2011

ini la namanya cinta jarak jauh.

My first “love”, had been in the year of middle school. Had I known that I loved from the start?I had been studying what love really meant but lately

is the word. sigh :(

i have been very emotional lately, taken it out on him. he knows im not happy. ive lost my cool, been emotional. still love him, he loves me. same old story. balls in his court. doubt anything will happen, not sure what to do short of breaking up with him. he knows its on my mind. we have talked about it before and tried to break up before. but always too much love there so we stay together. da banyak kali da.. penatnya ...

i know he loves me, but not enough to do the things so that we can be happy, never mind that its actually in his best interests to do so, and if things dont change, he will one day regret his decisions now. not sure how much of this i can bare. all i want to do is be happy and all i am is unhappy. apa- apa pun boley jadi kan , tu la namanya takdir, kalau ada jodoh tak kemana (:

If you really love someone, then distance matters only to the mind, not to the heart. i love you my 1st lov3 and that what i said i really meant it ;) .

its just animate not something real ..

I’m sure there are millions of other things that have been missing, because love is always a mystery . Love is gods gift, and we shouldn't uncover its mystery as for we will be discovering something fate .

this is short entry. aku redha (:


*wink* said...

alah..akk chumey..xmaw sedey2...

JIJI YU said...

mmg betol le..dah jodoh tak kemana..ape kehal lak kita dok bimbang sgt pasal benda yg tak pasti..

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

@wink :

cedey skit yunk -_-

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

@jiji yu

entah la thanks ye (:

Anonymous said...

bila kita dah bergantung harap,
already put hopes on the top,
tapi bila harapan tu hanya tinggal harapan kita yg sengsara akhirnya.
jadi,jgn terlalu berharap.
aku pun sama mengalami LDR saat ni,
macam-macam jadi,macam-macam yg aku fikir.
kdg-kdg happy,tp kejap je rasa happy.
kdg-kdg sedih.
LDR tak semudah yg kita harapkan..
tapi apa-apa pun may ALLAH BLESS OUR RELATIONSHIP.
lebih-lebih lg skrg kami dh rujuk kembali 3x dah.
pdhal hubungan baru 2bulan lebih.
mmg LDR mencabar dear :)

Anonymous said...

p/s: babe,just be strong ok!
good luck,
insyaALLAH kalau ada jodoh tak kemana :)

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

sayang ! thanks for the supporter. btl la ,, ssh nk jgkan .. bukan kita x nk percya tapi ssh nk pcya . hihi .. tapala hrap sgt back to normal soon ... ;( thanks darl you mke me better and fel stronger ;')

Wawa Tasliman said...

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP memang susah and costly.. all the best & happily ever after..

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

wawa tasliman ..

thanks darl . mmg ssh kita nk jga kan .. ;)

madammondoq said...

salam kenal.. pes time singgah sini.. btw.. cantik owner blog ni.. :)

btw.. salam kenal..


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