Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I wait till my exam is the next day, then I revise like a lunatic!

can i copy this form other blog? pencuri masa ;'(

this will be my last exam in my whole life, ok tipu ada banyak lagi exam sebenarnya lol. for those who still doesn't know what course am I taking in management and science university (MSU) ? I'm taking International Business course where we learn almost everything about international stuff and little bit of everything in business from marketing, gain my critical thinking, operations management, trade, human resource management to finance and such.

im pretty sure when I'm studying for my finals, I will end up like this and most probably it will only occur the day before few days before my exam. -_-


and during final exam, i wish i would be like this.

pouring out everything that I have learn, read, studied and memorized on to that one whole booklet in every paper that I will be sitting for.

6 papers for my final exam. pray that I will be able to get good grades for this final semester in order to pull up my CGPA. heh I'm sure I can do it, have FAITH in God :)

ya allah, terima kasih bagi pembimbing yang sangat membimbing,

nama dia shafinaz nama saya syafinaz :)
terima kasih bagi i meniru all task. ;p tak jemu ajar si kuran pick-up ni. huh

ayu , intan teman study sampa tiga pagi dekat kfc dua puluh empat jam.

dah penat , kita kita sama-sama chilex. ;D

ok bye.
from-pencuri masa.


nuruashia said...

wawhhh...semart die study..lps study break men monopoli..mmg bestt ehehhee

Ikr@m said...

lama x singgah sini :-) good luck for ur exam.

cik mun said...

good luck ye..
sempat lagi maen monopoly ye..

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

nuruashia :

yes, mesti la sempat sentiasa hihi:p

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...


tq sbb sempat juga singgap blog buruk ni kan :)

Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

@cik mum

tq dear, jomla lawan:P