Tuesday, 6 November 2012

doa anda Barakallah fi umrina :)

asslamualaikum :) hai readers ! flip hair, okay tetiba ?!

It's my birthday today. Yeay! Happy birthday to me. okay sangat tak malu bila wish birtday kat diri sendiri (down) My birthdays have never been a big deal, the highlight of which usually comes from lovely wishes from friends and family. This year I would like to remind myself of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful, so  many people I want to THANK! A BIG THANK YOU for the wonderful posts friends put up for my birthday. My inbox overflowing with messages wishing me a happy birthday, also those wishes I’ve received on my Facebook “wall writing”, YMs as well as my mobile phones. These are excellent electronically birthday media! sincerely appreciated ( nangis )

ya allah, very thankful engkau telah hidupkan aku selama 23 tahun, I am grateful that I am still here, with a chance to atone for my mistakes and hopefully be a better person. (selalu mendoakan yang terbaik ) Though I do not know what lies ahead, I am hopeful. My family I give thanks each day that I have supportive parents who have stood by me through everything. bagi duit lebey untuk aku travel from Segamat to Shah Alam, almost every weekend just to make sure that I do not feel alone and so that I get to have a break from time to time. lagi setahun je lepas ni dah tak nak dah ulang alik :"( kesian emak.

nak cakap apa lagi ek?! okay tetiba rasa macam artis, hahah To my trusted, dear friends (you know who you are so I need not mention by name dan aku tau korang sentiasa stalk blog aku miahahaha), your support, encouragement and friendship I treasure dearly, kita jumpa minggu depan ye -__-  To all friends who have been kind enough to wish me a happy birthday and for your very kind prayers, amin ya raba alamin I thank you.  To all my virtual friends too, it just goes to show that just because we have never met (or rarely meet) doesn't mean that we can't still be friends. So thank you for all the FB, twitter, Instagram ( yeah da improve diri sendiri dengan alam maya )  and SMS wishes.ok dah tu je kot (still thinking ) erm ok dah la tu je, aci kan sekali pukal wish kat sini je,


from the bottom of my heart, a super duper Thank you ;') 

 Barakallah fi umrina [semoga Allah memberkahi usia kita]


ct cheery said...

happy besday to einaz!!!!yahoo..celebrate jom..hehe

Mila Ahmad said...

Aminnn.. eppy besday kamu ;)