Monday, 19 November 2012

In the name of 'student'

Algghite people ! Holiday ended, I’m back to college life again, ini adalah entry aku pertama dekat Shah Alam, selepas cuti sebulan ! I just can't believe it, This is the only time that i feel so damn excited to get back to school. I'm so DONE with this holiday. To say that my holiday is terrible, i have enjoyed my leisure-time so far. Now we have come to the beginning of the new semester of studying. Ya Allah pejam jelik, pejam, pejam, pejaammmmmmm celik ( kuat tido rupanya budak inaz ni ) da masuk semester empat on my degree and I still have to go through a long journey before I end my life here (MSU) I still got two more long semesters to accomplish until I say. Sempena hijrah ini aku bertekad akan memulakan hidup baru  (semangat dah ada kan ?! ) so much plannings to do but whatever it is I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing now. 

If i'm so damn excited to start my school semester, then that's good..It means now I have becoming a better person than I am before. If not, I have to find a way to motivate myself. Now, I do realize that there is something you can hardly rationalize with your logical brain that is your own felling. Then, here comes another conclusion, which is your so-called super ultra brain is not really very powerful after all. It needs to work closely together with your heart. ( okay terasa seperti bercakap sendiri la pulak) Well, to listen to my heart, i have this lame, and pathetic answer for previous question MAYBE NEW SEMESTER PROMISES ME NEW DETERMINATION AND HOPE! insyallah.

kepada stalker-stalker classmate aku, Since many of us have started our classes in the first week, I think it's not too late for me to wish you all the best for this semester. Let's together set our new mission and goals to achieve by the end of this semester ! cewaaah, aku dah semangat ni korang jatuh kan semangat aku sula sorang-sorang. tau la pandai -__-

So, what are we waiting for? Let's start the engine and continues the journey. Although the success is too far away to reach, but just remember that there will always be a 'success' at every end of our efforts in seeking for knowledge of Allah or even so in every end of our good deeds.

May Allah bless us and the best of luck to all of us!

GANBATTE! bye sayang intan payung, Assalamualaikum !


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